We are working on outfitting our fab lab  with all necessary tools for digital and as well non-digital inventing. You can use our machines during our workshops or on one of our inventor nights or open days. If you have a specific task, you can also ask us for an appointment. Send us an e-mail to or call Andreas at 015124122746.


3D Printer: CraftBot+

3D Printer: Ultimaker2go

3D Printer: Tiko (expected delivery Janurary 2017)

Lasercutter: Epilog Zing 24  (now in the next lab in Freiburg)

Lasercutter: Glowforge (expected delivery summer 2017)

Lasercutter Mr. Beam (testing in spring 2017)

Small CNC-Mill: Othermill

New: Medium CNC-Mill: Stepcraft-2/600

Vinyl cutter: Silhouette Cameo

3D-Scanner: i-Sense

Electronics Laboratory

Electronics Library


Metal Lab

Molding & Casting

Silkscreen Printing

Sewing Machine

Safety Equipment